Bim Adewunmi Flint Isn’t Ready To Trust Anyone Yet

The years-long water safety crisis in Flint, Michigan, isn’t just a cautionary tale; to many, it’s a canary in a coal mine.

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White women are so dangerous because they’re allowed to be so soft — innocent until proven innocent.

Anne Helen Petersen How Dallas Became One Of America’s Most Refugee-Friendly Cities

Samira Page has made it her life’s work to help other Christians — and all Americans — love and welcome foreign refugees. In Dallas, that work is paying off.

Kelsey McKinney The Second Coming Of Televangelist Jim Bakker

Thirty years ago, the televangelist — who rose to fame in the '70s with his wife Tammy Faye — had a very public fall from grace with fraud charges and a sex scandal. Now he's back to shill food for the apocalypse and preach about God's choice to lead America: Donald Trump.